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         If you eat right, you will be happy, healthy and so delicious.

          There are many ways to make yourself happy? At first glance, there seems to be a lot of. So, do you include the daily "plate lunch"? Food, not like we think, will only "go down" after eating in the mouth, on the contrary, all kinds of nutrients in it can "go up" with the blood and circulation system after digestion. Gone with the wind"directly affects the three functional areas of the brain. The first function area is "thinking" - whether the mind can concentrate, whether the plan can be comprehensive, whether the memory can last, all controlled by it; the second is "excitement". Whether the mood is low or high, whether the mood is negative or cheerful, depends on this functional area of the brain; the third is the greatest distress of contemporary young people - "anxiety". Fast-paced life, intense work and complex interpersonal communication will make depression and anxiety inexplicable. Depression has become a common urban disease, which is not only a simple "bad mood", but also a manifestation of brain dysfunction.

          So, since food can affect these brain functional areas, why don't we use three meals a day to think about the diet? The concept of "mood food" was put forward in the United States as early as the 1970s, and one of the reasons put forward by WHO when it suggested that we should diversify our daily diet is "to cheer up the mood and promote brain health". " It can be seen that eating properly can not only make our body strong, but also make us happy and optimistic. Of course, these "Happy Foods" will not make you happy as Valentine's Day gifts, but they can silently and lastingly help the brain health, regulate emotions, cultivate a stable and optimistic psychological environment, so that we can face all kinds of stress, difficulties and sadness in life, also can be open and positive to deal with - this It's the healthiest and most desirable "true happiness", right?
      Your happiness comes from delicious supplies!
      Marine fish: Fish contain all the "happy nutrients" except dietary fiber. Salmon, grouper, large and small yellow croaker and other marine fish contain more nutrients. The study found that in countries around the world, people who eat fish at sea are the least likely to suffer from depression, mania, postpartum depression and seasonal depression. A 2008 study in the United States showed that fish oil had almost the same antidepressant effect as PROZAC, a common drug for depression.
      Tomatoes: Lycopene, which turns tomatoes red, also keeps our mood high and cheerful. At the same time, tomatoes also contain other "happy nutrients", such as folic acid, magnesium, iron, vitamin B6, which are essential elements for the brain to regulate mood. However, lycopene is a fat-soluble nutrient, which can only be absorbed by human body when cooked with oil. Girls who eat raw tomatoes can not "eat happily".
      Beet: Most of the nutrients of beet are concentrated in the rolling roots. Don't underestimate this vegetable, which looks like radish. It is a rich source of vitamin B. It is good for improving mood and memory and keeping mood happy. Beet contains a large amount of betaine, which is the "essential raw material" to help the brain produce SMA-e. SMA-e is a well-known natural antidepressant ingredient, which is indispensable in many antidepressant drugs. Research shows that beet also contains another very important element: urinary nucleoside, although it has nothing to do with happiness, but once encountering omega-3 fatty acids, it is the best natural anti-depressant weapon, so you might as well try beet with fish.
      Pepper and garlic: Pepper is "hot" because it contains a lipid-soluble molecule called capsaicin. Our brain is very strange. Whenever it receives the signal of capsaicin, it releases a compound endorphin that calms the brain down. It also increases the excitement in the brain. People can't help feeling happy and happy. Perhaps this is the reason why some people will "not be happy without spicy"? Garlic, which also belongs to spicy condiments, is a good source of chromium, and chromium can promote the production of the famous "happy element" 5-hydroxytryptamine. So garlic, like pepper, is a daily food that can make us "hot and happy".
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