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      Company Profile
      Add:No.3 Changsha Road, Yantai Development Zone, Penglai
      Current Location:首頁 >> About Us >> Company ProfileCompany Profile
      Sunstar Food (Yantai) Co., Ltd. was established in 2007 with a registered capital of US$2 million by Seiu Co., Ltd. (Japan) and Penglai Xingyu Import&Export Co.,Ltd. in 2007. As a Sino-Foreign Joint Venture Company, it mainly specializes in import & export trade,research & development, production and vendition of fruits, vegetables, fruit juices and seasoning products.
              Located in the Penglai city famous for its picturesque sceneries, the factory covers an area of 80 acres, of which 11,000 square meters standard workshop, with a total asset of about 30 million yuan. To south is 206 National Road and to north is the port of Penglai, it is richly endowed by the nature, enjoying perfect geographical location and convenient transportation system.
             Now, we have 200 operators, 50 managerial staff, among whom, 35% are technical personnel; 90% of managerial staff with college degree and 60% with bachelor degree. Their average age is 32. The company has its own lab and research &development organization, advanced equipment are complete shutoff boiling system, complete auto seal machine, complete auto water filtration system and the advanced equipment of production-line around the world. The company’s annual output is 25000 tons. 
                     At present, we have 5 major product series and more than 40 kinds of products: Fruit jelly cup, Juice jelly cup, Fresh fruit jelly drink, Fruit puree and Functional jelly drink. We’ve also produced Private Brands for 10 companies. Currently, 70% of our products exported abroad; the total amount of foreign exchange-earning has a continuous increase; mainly exported to Japan, America, France and so on, and only the annual sales in Japan has reached 800 million Japanese yen. 30%  of products sells in the home market and builds"GUO TAI LANG"brand. Since we entered the home market, our products have covered more than 10 provinces, cities and autonomous regions and have set up many agents. All the time, Sunstar Food (Yantai)Co., Ltd. has built superior quality products and have broad marketing space and more customers by our professional team, strict management, perfect technique and excellent equipment.
             Even start from the resources of raw materials, the strict inspection procedures are conducted to ensure the food safety. We consistently insisit on global sourcing strategy as per Japanese food standard, selecting raw materials suppliers with export qualification. All natural, nothing artificial is the value and belief we are pursuing for. And company had been approved by HACCP, ISO22000 Food safety management systems, ISO9001 Quality management system and BRC registration and FDA registration.
             The company aims at creating first-class enterprise, topping technology, high-quality products to provide best service to make the customer’s interest maximum. Company's phylosophy is: “Food Security is the foundation of enterprise’ development, Quality is the assurance of enterprise’ life; Cost effectiveness is the source of enterprise ’progress”. And it seeks to supply nourishing delicious, health and safety, excellent quality, reasonable price’s products for the customers. Sincerely looking forward to your patronage and create a wonderful future.
      2023SUNSTAR FOOD(YANTAI)CO.,LTD.commodity manual.pdf
      Copyrihgt 2014 Sunstar Food (Yantai) Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Add:3 Changsha Road, Yantai Development Zone, Penglai Tel:0086-535-3548208
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